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2024 Year 7 Belong Day

March 12, 2024

Our annual Year 7 Belong Day at the Light of Christ Centre in Waitara kicked off in an atmosphere of faith filled with excitement. DJs, rock bands, and indoor beach balls created a festive ambience to kickstart the ‘Amazing Race of Faith,’ a program designed by CSYMI, that offers a curriculum-based religious education. Bringing together almost 1400 Year 7 students from across the Broken Bay Diocese, the day was all about linking young people with their wider Catholic community. The day is designed for both those new to the faith and those already on their journey, offering them a chance to connect with peers, the Youth Ministry Team, and Catholic leaders in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 

Music, laughter and engaging activities filled the air student-led on-stage dramas and the Youth Ministry Team, sharing personal testimonies of faith.  

Bishop Anthony and Vicar General Fr David Ranson offered their wisdom, delivering engaging talks centered around the theme of Belonging. Their words resonated deeply with the students, emphasising the importance of finding a sense of community within the Broken Bay church. One of the most meaningful aspects of the event was the opportunity for students to engage in reflective discussions led by Year 10 and 11 student leaders. Together, they explored the fundamental aspects of God – Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  

The Amazing Race of Faith is a journey we’re not meant to travel alone; it is a collective adventure where friendship and connection carry us forward as we grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. We welcome all our new Year 7 students into the Broken Bay community, and we are excited to hear the stories of faith, formation and friendship that will continue to unfold.