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Our Towards 2025 Strategy

Catholic Schools Broken Bay (CSBB) has been undergoing major transformational change and adopting continuous improvement strategies resulting in a significant change in culture and work processes.

Our journey began in April 2020 when Bishop Anthony Randazzo asked Director of Schools, Danny Casey to bring to life his clear vision of providing authentic, professional Catholic education delivered with care and compassion. After a year of discernment, discovery workshops, cultural surveys and strategic planning our Towards 2025 Strategic Plan and Detailed Plan was launched June 2021.

The next phase of Towards 2025, for 2022 and beyond, is our plan to address the legacy and risk work identified; and focus on Learning Improvement where the 3 main drivers of the Learning Improvement Program are designed to:

  1. Strengthen a Catholic culture that promotes learning and human flourishing;
  2. Ensure systematic delivery of curriculum to ensure consistency of teaching and learning of the curriculum; and
  3. Build leader and teacher expertise across the system

For more information you can read the Strategy Booklet for 2023 (below) and the Vision on a Page (revised 2023).


Our Towards 2025 Goals

1. We will develop a collaborative culture of continuous improvement

By 2025 there will be a strong culture of improvement focused on teaching and learning. This will be supported by a continuous improvement system where school improvement is aligned to curriculum and assessment planning approaches. The work of leaders and teachers will be supported by performance and development processes. Leaders and teachers will be clear about what they need to do to lift performance.

2. We will accompany students, families and staff to know Christ and to grow in faith

By 2025 our students, families and staff will be encouraged and supported as they discover the meaning of Christ in their lives. Family, school and parish relationships will thrive helping to form our young people in Christ’s vision of life, as it has been interpreted by the Catholic community of faith over many centuries.

3. We will maximise the learning growth of each student

By 2025 the moral imperative and the importance of delivering student achievement will be clearly communicated. There will be a common understanding that success for students in all aspects of schooling goes beyond academic achievement. Our work has and will always be about human flourishing; for the individual and for the common good. Our practices and approaches in wellbeing for learning will be such that each child will be known, challenged and supported, and have opportunities to be the very best they can be. The ambitions we hold for our students will compel us to strive collaboratively for continuous improvement.

4. We will build the capability of our staff

By 2025 we will be attracting and retaining a high performing workforce. Staff across the system will be supported in their professional growth and development whether they are working directly with students or working to support those who work with students. Career pathways will be identified so that staff have access to relevant and contemporary professional learning.

5. We will embed future–focused systems, policies and processes

By 2025 a customer service mindset will strengthen the culture of welcome and mutual accountability to stimulate enrolment growth and financial viability. Effective systems and processes will inform communication and timely responsiveness so that innovation and efficient learning and teaching will be the norm.