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5 Mins with Emily Channell

November 10, 2022

Emily Channell is Acting Assistant Principal and Kindergarten Teacher of OLPS West Pymble. Emily serves the OLPS school community, the students, the teachers, the parents and parish community.

Who do you look to for inspiration or mentorship?

My peers. I have had the privilege of working with some exceptional educators throughout my career. I ask them for support and guidance. They question me, provoke thoughts and ideas within me and challenge me to be the best educator and leader that I can be.

How has your career journey happened so far?

I began working in Catholic Schools Broken Bay as a casual teacher. I then secured a teaching position at St Kieran’s Manly Vale where I was a classroom teacher and took on some smaller leadership roles. These roles led me to take on an Acting Religious Education Coordinator role at the school. I then moved into a permanent Religious Education Coordinator role at OLPS and am now in an Acting Assistant Principal role at OLPS. Each of these opportunities happened by my saying yes to anything and everything that presented itself. I have had so many amazing experiences through taking this approach to my career and I am so grateful for every opportunity.

How is your work making a difference?

I like to think that I make an impact each day to a variety of different people. I challenge my students to be the best version of themselves while providing a nurturing environment for them to grow, change and make mistakes. My students know that they are supported and are important to me, whether they are in my class now, have been in my class previously or are yet to be in my class.

I support parents in their toughest role, being parents! I hope to bring confidence to them in their role and to be a source of support and a cheerleader for them as they advocate for their children and their needs.

I hope to be a guide to our staff and to empower them to learn further and to become the best teachers that they can be.

What are your current goals?

I am working towards completing my Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation and hope to complete this within the next 12-18 months.

At OLPS, we are about to begin our Collaborative Coaching and Linda Bendikson journey which I will be co-leading in 2023 so I have a goal to implement this successfully in our school.

I am also working towards my Master’s in Educational Leadership through ACU which I aim to complete in 2026.

In my personal life, I would love to get back into the big wide world and travel overseas again soon.

What drives your passion for your work?

Making a difference in the lives of children is the sole driver of my passion. Feeling as though I have made an impact on my students and who they become makes my job a very easy career. Every student brings their own personalities, quirks and charm and I am passionate about growing and nurturing them each as the unique individuals that they are.

How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I read and seek out new learning. I like to challenge myself and to keep current in my practice. I ask plenty of questions and seek feedback from my colleagues. I believe a good leader should never stop learning.

What is one thing that makes you proud?

I am proud of my family. I am very close to my family and am so proud of who we are and how we have maintained our connection even through the challenges of the past few years. I was also very proud when I purchased my first property, certainly no mean feat in the Sydney property market!

How do you align with the visions and mission of CSBB?

My entire teaching career is focused on providing students with an education with care and compassion. I pride myself on my compassion and empathy and feel that I provide a pastoral environment for my students and their families.

I believe that all students have key talents in a variety of areas. I feel passionate about supporting students to achieve their goals and to be the best that they can be in their chosen fields and areas of passion. CSBB’s vision and purpose are embedded in my teaching and leading pedagogy.