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5 mins with Kevin Williams

August 22, 2022

Kevin Williams is the Deputy Workstream Lead, Capability and Enablement of Our People, serving the people of CSBB.

Who do you look to for inspiration or mentorship?

For inspiration I look to proven researchers and practitioners whose credibility is grounded in the daily work of successful schools and school systems.  I am continually amazed, privileged and humbled by the outstanding efforts of teachers as they so very generously serve our students.

 How has your career journey happened so far?

Before joining the CCC team in mid-2020, I was privileged to serve in 7 different Catholic schools in both Australia and England, with leadership positions for over 30 years.

How is your work making a difference?

In collaboration with other professionals, the work in which we are engaged influences, challenges and supports teachers and leaders to individually and collectively improve their practice.

What are your current goals?

To listen and to learn.

What motivates you?

Seeing people succeed motivates me.  Seeing people collaboratively use their skills to solve problems.  Seeing the multiplier effect of teams of teachers being successful in impacting student learning.

 How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I am an avid reader with a heavy leaning towards “leadership” and “learning”.  I enjoy reading a range of articles, chapters or books, reflecting on them with colleagues, making sense of them and then, together transferring the learnings into practical, achievable actions that impact the learning of both students and teachers.

What is one thing that makes you proud?

The culture of our school that was created by the focused, collective efforts of many dedicated people.

How do you align with the visions and mission of CSBB?

Towards 2025 has brought greater clarity and purpose to the work of our schools.  That we strive for a collaborative culture of continuous improvement resonates closely with me.  That our bishop genuinely values us as “close collaborators” is inspiring as we strive for an “authentic, professional Catholic education”.

Thank you to Kevin  for your enthusiasm for our teachers and students! We appreciate all the work you and your team give to Catholic Schools Broken Bay.