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5 mins with Michelle Moylan

July 7, 2022

Michelle Moyland is the Learning Partner for Aboriginal Education at Catholic Schools Broken Bay. She spoke with us about her career path, her role, and her passion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and education.

Michelle Moylan Bishop Anthony Randazzo
Michelle Moylan and Most Reverend Anthony Randazzo, Bishop of Broken Bay

Why is CSBB so special to me?

Three words that summarise how I feel about Catholic Schools Broken Bay are “belonging, community and faith.”

How has your career journey happened so far?

I joined Catholic Schools Broken Bay in January 2022 as the Learning Partner: Aboriginal Education. I started working in education as an Aboriginal Education Assistant in the Parramatta Diocese while studying for my Associate Degree in Indigenous Education and Bachelor Education – Primary. After obtaining my degree, I taught for 10 years in the Department of Education. Last year, I completed my Masters in Inclusive Education majoring in Behaviour and Emotional Disturbances, leading me back to the Catholic School system. I feel like I am home.

How is your work making a difference?

I am passionate about my culture and love seeing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students come through the system, find pride in themselves, and connect their Aboriginal spirituality with their Catholic faith.

What inspires you?

The pride in my culture and encouraging our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to engage and thrive in their education inspires my future.

As an Aboriginal teacher, I know that it is important to foster strong relationships with both staff, students, parents, and community members that enhance learning experiences for individual students. As an Aboriginal leader, my role is to promote an environment that enthusiastically inspires, cultivates, and compliments the diversity and richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.


Thank you Michelle for your incredible work! We are so thankful for your contribution to Catholic Schools Broken Bay.