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5 mins with Rob Peers

July 20, 2022

Rob Peers is the Workstream Lead for Digital Enablement, a place where he serves alongside his team all of our students and staff in their use of digital tools and technology.

How has your career journey happened so far?

I have taught in Catholic schools since 1989 in Wollongong schools, before coming to Broken Bay in 2002. I was AP at Wyoming, before becoming Principal at St Patrick’s Asquith (2006-13) and then Our Lady Star of the Sea Terrigal) (2014-20).

How is your work making a difference?

My perspective is not at all technical (I often boast “I am the least technical person in Digital Enablement”). I have an outstanding team who have excellent technical expertise, but more importantly – are people focussed. I lead the workstream entirely from a school perspective. I remain a passionate Catholic educator, and it is through this lens that I lead our workstream.

What are your current goals?

We have some serious projects to land in DE which will address long lasting legacy issues. Examples include moving our people to cloud-based storage via MS Teams, Improving the cyber security issues (without compromising educational requirements), replacing ageing infrastructure – all the while ensuring we maintain quick, seamless and timely service to our educators and their support.

Who do you look to for inspiration or mentorship?

I access a range of people including past and present leaders, as well as colleagues both within and outside our system. I meet a few different trusted colleagues over coffee from time to time when faced with complex leadership issues as a means of support and advice. As a proud Catholic, I have no hesitation to call on my faith as a source of inspiration. Beyond that, it is the students in our schools who I am continually reminded of as the reason I undertake the work I do.

What motivates you?

Seeing the evidence in the work of students and teachers that my leadership, even if not always directly influencing, has made a difference at the school level.

How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I read widely and converse with colleagues within and outside Broken Bay. I also enjoy my work liaising with Principals and other system leaders as we navigate the challenges of our work.

What is one thing that makes you proud?

When the hard work of the team goes unnoticed, in a strange way, I am very proud. I often equate this to the referee on Grand Final day. When nobody is noticing the referee, he or she has had a blinder. If nobody is noticing the technology, we have done our job well.

How do you align with the visions and mission of CSBB?

Our Vision: (Authentic, professional Catholic education, delivered with care and compassion) although brief is very dense in implication. On more than one occasion, I have found myself considering a complex decision against our vision to ensure alignment. It can be both challenging (asking myself was that decision “delivered with care and compassion?”)  and affirming (satisfied a solution might be authentic, professional and true to our Catholic ethos).

Thank you to Rob for taking the time to talk with us today and for leading the Digital Enablement team! We appreciate all the work you and your team give to Catholic Schools Broken Bay.