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5 mins with Josie Vescio

July 27, 2022

Josie Vescio is the Facilities and Procurement Workstream Lead. Josie’s role is to ensure the planning and delivery of major upgrades and coordination of asset management of the organisation’s built form.  Josie also ensures that trades, contractors and preferred suppliers are managed in accordance with procurement and facilities management guidelines.


Who do you look to for inspiration or mentorship?

There is no one specifically however I see expertise and values I admire in various people I work with. I observe and commit to developing the skills these exemplars provide me.

How has your career journey happened so far?

I have always worked in the Diocese of Broken Bay. I started as a teacher at St John’s Narraweena, then moved into a leadership position at St Kieran’s, Manly Vale, then onto an AP role and then Principal at St Rose for 16 years. I also did a stint as principal and director of 2 ELCs in an independent school in southwest Sydney, supporting a community in need.

How is your work making a difference?

Supporting schools to provide optimum learning environments. By managing the facilities and procurement components of a school and the site I assist principals so they can focus on the students and learning.

What are your current goals?

Implement a capital investment strategy to upgrade multiple school facilities and roll out an annual asset management program to ensure repairs and maintenance are attended to in a timely and effective way.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by working with people that have the students at the heart of everything they do and providing equitable service to our schools.

How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I continually reflect on my practices and processes and seek feedback to continue to develop the service model in our workstream.

What is one thing that makes you proud?

The Facilities and Procurement Workstream team members are a committed and service centred group, whose focus is always on how they can make the operational tasks the least distraction to the core work of learning for schools.

I feel blessed to be working within this team who have many gifts and expertise.

How do you align with the visions and mission of CSBB?

I am always working towards being the best I can be, and for me the vision and mission of CSBB is my way of being and doing.

Thank you to Josie for taking the time to talk with us today and for managing the wonderful buildings and fabulous facilities at Catholic Schools Broken Bay! Our staff and students thankful for your contribution to Catholic Schools Broken Bay.