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‘A little bit of Heaven’ – Parent (& Grandparent) Reflection Mornings

June 1, 2013

A series of Parent (& Grandparent) Reflection Mornings have been held in both the Northern and Central Coast Regions in recent months.

The mornings have been facilitated by the Parish Support Unit in collaboration with the Catholic Schools Office. The experience includes meditation, reflection, conversation and workshops. Free child minding is provided. Feedback on the experience from participants included the following:

“A very worthwhile chance to step off the merry-go-round of life and consider how meditation and reflection on faith can help nurture you as a parent as well as individually.”

“All of it was valuable but it was especially valuable to be reminded to take some time out every day to be still and reflect with God.”

“Taking the time to reflect and learn the Ignatian Examen, which can be incorporated into every day.”

 “I especially loved being reminded to live in the present, and not to be so focused on worrying about the past and future.”

“I found everything to be very valuable. I am not religious though I was exposed to Catholic scripture during primary school. I am currently looking at joining the Catholic faith and this was a wonderful experience and has cemented the fact that I would love to belong to this faith. I left feeling light, refreshed and ready to tackle life. Thanks for delivering a top notch morning.”

The next series will be offered in the Peninsula Region in August please check parish and school bulletins for details.