School and Parish Relationships  

When enrolling your child to attend one of our schools, your family becomes a part of a vibrant and welcoming community that extends beyond the classroom. We welcome you and your family to join us in our parish community, which is an integral part of our school’s identity.  

Priests work closely with the school and students are involved in the life of the parish. As first educators of your children in faith, your involvement in the life of the parish is greatly valued and supported by your school.  

The Parent Engagement Coordinator (PEC) is the warm welcome between parents/carers, the school, and the wider community. They play a vital role in strengthening relationships and building a supportive environment for all families.  

The PEC facilitates various initiatives and programs that help families on their faith journey and foster a sense of belonging within the Catholic school community. From parent formation retreats and social justice initiatives to parent education programs and transition to school programs, the PEC is there every step of the way. 




World Youth Day

World Youth Day is an exciting international gathering of young people from all over the world who come together to celebrate their shared Catholic faith with the Pope. This incredible event is open to all our young adults over 16 years in years 10 and 11. 

Initiated by Pope St John Paul II, this amazing event takes place once every three years at various locations around the world. This year’s celebrations to Portugal is already in full swing with Bishop Anthony Randazzo leading a large group of Broken Bay staff students in the festivities


Retreats and Outreach Experiences 

We believe in putting our faith into action and helping those in need. One of the founding principles of our Catholic faith is to show love and support to those who are experiencing hardship and who are on the societal margin. 

That’s why we’re proud to have a strong focus on social justice and outreach initiatives throughout all of our Catholic Schools Broken Bay school communities. From supporting local organisations and charities to engaging with the wider community, we’re committed to making a positive impact in the world around us. 

Our Australian and Overseas Immersions are also key initiatives that allow us to live out our faith in a practical way. Some of our recent Social Justice Initiatives:  Jump, The Dish, Mary Macs, St Vincent de Paul- Mini Vinnies, Coast Shelter, Lakes Food Care, Rotary, Winter Sleepout 

Year 6 Leadership Day

This special event brings together students from 37 primary schools to participate in exciting activities and projects centered around a particular element of leadership. Your child will also have the chance to listen to inspiring talks from Bishop Anthony and Mr Danny Casey, while praying and reflecting together with their peers. They also embark on a range of activities and projects in their local school setting to delve deeper into the chosen theme. It is wonderful to see and hear great insights on leadership from our year 6 students. 

Year 7 – Belong Day 

This exciting new initiative, part of the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA) program, is designed to provide a joyful festival experience for year 7 students in the first five weeks of Term 1. 

At ‘Belong’, your child will have the opportunity to connect with their faith in a unique and interactive way, while also fostering a sense of community and belonging within their Catholic school and the wider Diocese of Broken Bay community. Created to support year 7 students early in their secondary school journey, ‘Belong’ aims to meet students at various levels of their faith journey and remind them of the importance of belonging to their school community. 

Year 12 Leader’s Day 

Selected Year 12 leaders and prefects from the 8 CSBB high schools together with leaders from some independent Catholic high schools meet at the central office of Catholic Schools Broken Bay, the Caroline Chisholm Centre for a day of leadership activities. The students share in the Eucharist as a sign of their unity and Catholic identity. Students meet other leaders from schools to discuss current projects, ideas and challenges in their particular contexts. Guest speakers further elaborate on important tenants of leadership and facilitate further formation and discussion. This is a very positive day for our senior student leaders.