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Early Learning Statement Launched

June 10, 2016



The launch included a visit to the CatholicCare Early Learning Centre on site and key note speakers from Australian Catholic University and Macquarie University.

The Statement is informed by years of research on early education, in order to support children as they begin their life-long learning. There is a focus on play-based learning and the Statement advocates that teachers and parents work together to encourage children’s education. The Statement will ensure that early learning teaching is consistent across the Diocese.

Peter Hamill, Director of Schools, said, “We commend the statement, confident that it will support early learning and school communities in their work.”

The early years of schooling are vital, as this is the time that children learn and develop most quickly. This time also provides the foundation for later academic and social success. Through their engagement with the world, their parents, families and teachers, young learners form the values and attitudes that will guide their life journeys.