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Empowering the staff vote – Catholic Schools Broken Bay’s New Enterprise Agreement Receives Resounding Staff Support

May 31, 2023


Empowering the staff vote – Catholic Schools Broken Bay’s New Enterprise Agreement Receives Resounding Staff Support.

Catholic Schools Broken Bay (CSBB) has officially announced the results of a secret ballot for a new Enterprise Agreement with the Independent Education Union (IEU) covering their 44 Diocesan Schools.

The new Enterprise Agreement includes, for the first time, a clear statement of mission by embedding CSBB’s Towards 2025 Strategy in the Agreement. The new Agreement also commits CSBB to continuing the process of staff consultation and introducing more formal consultation with the IEU at regular intervals.

The agreement also guarantees CSBB salaries will remain at least 1.5% above the equivalent rates in the NSW Department of Education. In addition, there will be a general 3% increase in rates of pay from the first full pay period on or after 1 January 2024.

The process of establishing the new Enterprise Agreement demonstrates, in a very practical way, CSBB responding to the Holy Fathers call to walk the Synodal path, listening and collaborating with staff as together we respond to Bishop Randazzo’s call for all schools in the diocese to be at least as good as the very best.

Bishop Randazzo welcomed the new EA as further tangible demonstration of CSBB’s commitment to achieving fair and just outcomes and providing certainty for staff.

“For some time I have been asking that we provide certainty around the employment conditions for CSBB staff.

“Teachers and our staff who support teachers play a critical role in the lives of the students we serve, they deserve to be recognised.”

“I am deeply grateful for the hard work undertaken by all who work in CSBB and delighted we have finalised a new Agreement”.

The listening, consultation and dialogue that took place during the path to finalise the new EA have yielded remarkable results. The voting turnout more than doubled the previous agreement vote in 2020.

Danny Casey, Director of Schools at CSBB said he was delighted with the strong staff engagement and support of the new EA and the Towards 2025 Strategy.

“We had an extraordinary participation rate with over 84% of staff in schools casting their votes and an overwhelming 93% of staff voted in favour of approving the new Agreement.

“This demonstrates not just widespread support for the new EA but the benefit of engaging with staff and ensuring that their voice is heard.

“We are also pleased to have achieved these objectives while still operating at a level of efficiency that makes the new EA affordable.”

The new EA and the new Work Practices Agreements encompass several key provisions that recognise and address crucial aspects, including:

  • Embedding the CSBB Towards 2025 Strategy – placing students and their families at the centre and facilitating front line engagement in decision making.
  • The implementation of collaborative planning time – so that teachers in schools have an opportunity to reflect on student learning and their practice.
  • Improved parental leave benefits – supporting staff as they juggle the demands of their profession with the important role as parents.
  • Ensuring guaranteed pay increases – providing certainty for staff facing increasingly difficult cost of living pressures.
  • Additional Support for Early Career Teachers – providing additional release time and better support to embed their practice.

With the successful completion of the ballot, CSBB will proceed to lodge the Agreement with the Fair Work Commission, seeking their official approval. This meticulous process ensures that all necessary legal requirements are met and that the Agreement can be implemented effectively.

Bishop Anthony expressed his profound gratitude for the unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions CSBB staff continue to make in shaping the future of its schools.

“We started this journey some time ago, the support and engagement of our CSBB staff has been instrumental in achieving this milestone and many others. We deeply appreciate their ongoing commitment to providing authentic professional Catholic education with care and compassion”

Danny Casey said the newly approved Agreement sets the stage for continued growth and engagement, reinforcing CSBB’s commitment to excellence in education.

“With the EA now resolved, CSBB will move forward and maintain our focus on ensuring all students entrusted to a CSBB school come to know Christ, love learning and be the best they can be.”