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Exciting Times Ahead for St Brigid’s

October 1, 2013

With less than four months until the opening of the Diocese’s newest Catholic school, St Brigid’s Catholic College, planning and preparation is well under way to welcome the first students into Year 7.

Named after St Brigid (451-525), a great Irish saint who was a contemporary of St Brendan (484-577), the College’s name provides a direct connection with the broader Lake Munmorah community it serves, and with St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School.  A great model for a Catholic coeducational college, Brigid was an innovator who was co-leader of a mixed male and female religious community, the great monastery of Kildare, renowned for its faith and learning.

Founding Principal, Mrs Julie Terry is delighted that St Brigid’s Feast Day will coincide with the opening of the College in February 2014.

“It is especially symbolic that we will celebrate our patron saint, St Brigid, in the week that we welcome our first students.  St Brigid had a great passion for learning, and we hope that passion is ignited in each of our students as they embark on their learning journey.”

The new College logo, a modern representation of St Brigid’s reed cross has been well received by the new school community. The College colours of maroon, navy, white and teal were chosen to reflect the symbols for which St Brigid is noted. The maroon represents the flame of learning; white is the colour associated with Brigid, navy to represent Creation and planet Earth, and teal green for peace and reconciliation for which she is renowned.

St Brigid’s incoming students have already begun to come acquainted with their patron saint with activities including making reed crosses at their recent high school transition day.