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Extraordinary Families with Extraordinary Achievements

October 8, 2018

St Martin’s Catholic School Davidson has been sharing family stories this term.

Family members from students in Stage One, Years 1 and 2, were invited to visit the classroom and tell the amazing stories.

Visitors to the classroom included nine-time Australian Motorbike Champion, Mr McMartin, whose daughter Abby is in the class.

The children excitedly took turns to try on Mr McMartin’s motorcycle helmet.

“It was so much fun!” said Abby. “When Dad vroomed up the motorbike all the teachers jumped! It was cool that Dad brought in some magazines and his trophies.”

Eva, another student, said, “He brought in his motorbike helmet and we could all wear it.  I was excited to know that Mr McMartin has won nine Australian championships in a row.”

Another visitor was Becky’s dad, a diver who discovered the Japanese midget submarine off Newport and told his stories of underwater adventure.