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Go the Mighty Blues!

June 27, 2014

Laurie Daley, fresh from Origin success, got cheers from students who have never seen a Blues victory before when he took his son to school at St Philip Neri Catholic School, Northbridge recently.

Laurie Daley and NSW ended eight years of misery last week when the Blues beat Queensland 6-4 in an absorbing Origin match in Sydney.

At an assembly the students at St Philip Neri will never forget Will Daley, Year 6 student, brought his dad to school for an unbeatable show and tell.  These students are part of a whole generation who weren’t born or are too young to remember the last NSW State of Origin Shield win 9 years ago.  Laurie mentioned “to come to the school today to see the students decked out in blue was pretty special.”

Will told his school mates about joining the Blues on their lap of honour and Laurie talked about how this is the beginning of a new dynasty for NSW.

The NSW Blues collect the shield after the 3rd game and Laurie promised to bring it with him at his next appearance at the school.

To view the segment that went to air that night on Channel 7 News CLICK HERE