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Highly Accomplished Lead Teacher, Carolyn Curtin.

November 7, 2023

Carolyn Curtin’s recent achievement as a ‘Highly Accomplished Lead Teacher’ marks a significant milestone in her educational journey. This esteemed accreditation serves as a recognition of her exceptional expertise, leadership, and innovative contributions in the classroom. Furthermore, it underscores her unwavering commitment to the growth and success of both students and fellow educators. The rigorous assessment process she has undergone stands as a testament to her outstanding teaching skills, positive impact on student learning, and her ability to mentor and guide colleagues. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Carolyn for this well-deserved mark of distinction in the field of education.

How has the HALT accreditation process supported your development as a teacher and leader?

The HALT accreditation process required me to really reflect upon my teaching. I measured my practice against the 37 standard descriptors, identified areas where I was working well, as well as areas where I wanted to improve. It made me acutely aware of the impact that my practice was having on others, and the importance of taking steps to ensure that this impact was positive and meaningful. I found the entire process incredibly motivating, encouraging me to consider and refine all aspects of my teaching practice, from my work within my own classroom to how I support and work with colleagues, families and students. 

Now that you have been accredited as a Highly Accomplished Teacher what would you say to others considering HALT accreditation?

I would say- go for it! It has been some of the best personal and professional development I have ever done. The process may seem overwhelming at first, but with every piece of evidence that you put together, and with every module that you submit, it becomes easier. 

Briefly describe your HALT journey and what was the biggest help completing this process. 

I began my HALT journey while on maternity leave in 2022. I wanted ‘more’. I wanted to continue to learn and grow- even while on leave(!) I threw myself into the process, immersed myself in the standard descriptors and started putting together evidence sets. Bit by bit, I prepared my first module, and then my second, and put together my final module mid 2023.  The biggest help along the way was the team at CSBB, and I really mean that! Whether it was by checking and giving feedback on my evidence sets, talking me through various standard descriptors, running days to work with other aspiring HALTs on our evidence sets or just having a conversation about the process, I was so well supported and encouraged along every step of the HALT journey.

Carolyn HALT journey is more than just a demonstration of her dedication and self-reflection within a nurturing and collaborative community, but also stands as an inspiration for educators contemplating the HALT accreditation pathway. Join us in extending warm congratulations to Carolyn for this remarkable achievement.