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Holy Cross, Kincumber show their “TRUE COLOURS”

December 9, 2014

Students from Years 5 and 6 at Holy Cross Catholic School, Kincumber, recently competed in the annual Wakakirri Story/Dance competition. More than 20,000 children across Australia participated in this performing arts festival. Schools had seven minutes to tell a story through music, dance and drama.

Holy Cross’s entry was an anti-bullying story titled “True Colours”. The story focused on two main protagonists; the “victim” and the “bully”. Strips of colour were used to represent the victim’s self-esteem, which were stripped from the victim by the bully and her gang. This loss of self-esteem plunged the victim into a dark state of despair from which she was able to summon the courage to rise up and face her tormenter, encouraging other victims to similarly resist those who seek to oppress them.

Holy Cross was thrilled to win the NSW title at the final held at the State Sports Centre, Homebush in September. The head judge was extremely moved by the sensitivity of the casts’ performance, commenting that the story brought him to tears. This comment is testament to the tremendous performance level the children exhibited. They trained a minimum of three times a week for three terms in an effort to achieve personal excellence as performers.

On top of this the school was awarded the Best School in Public award at both the heat and state final for their exemplary behaviour during a long day and night of rehearsal and performance.

Photos courtesy of Winkipop Media