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Holy Week Events

April 9, 2015

Schools across the diocese celebrate Holy Week

St Martin’s Davidson Holy Week Liturgy:

This year St Martin’s celebrated their Holy Week liturgy in the grounds of the school, both outside and within the Church.

Praying outside and moving to different parts of the grounds heighten this liturgical celebration for the children. They walked with Jesus towards the cross and prayed with him as he was betrayed, sentenced to death, crucified and then placed in the tomb.

The event was the culmination of the school’s Religious Education Units this term. Rather than a performance, it demonstrated the reflecting and acting elements of the Religious Education Curriculum.

St Peter’s Tuggerah Stations of the Cross:

The Stations of the Cross held in Karinya during Holy Week were a beautiful depiction of the Easter narrative up to the crucifixion. The mood of the early evening, with the hint of rain and the flickering light of a distant storm was both solemn and serene and the dignity of the students in presenting each tableau was captivating. Together with the narration, the lighting and the haunting music and singing, the gathered audience was reminded of the poignancy of the Easter story, the sacrifice of Jesus and the anticipation and hope of the resurrection.