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How to prepare for Kindergarten

January 24, 2024

The journey of starting school and entering Kindergarten marks a significant milestone in every child’s life. Our dynamic leadership team, comprised of Principals, Assistant Principals, seasoned Teachers, and dedicated Student Wellbeing experts, joined forces to share their best tips for both our current and new families with little ones beginning Kindergarten in 2024. A few of our experienced parents shared their tips and success stories, aiming to provide a holistic guide for the best start transition into this exciting new chapter of early education.

How to prepare for Kindergarten. 

Tip 1. Start routines to set them up for success. 

A visual routine can be helpful and as simple as a handmade chart for the fridge. A good bedtime routine includes the 3 b’s- bath, book and bed. Encourage independence opportunities eg: play dates and packing away toys.  

“A great tip is if you can spare a moment in the afternoon and play handball with your child. It will help them play a familiar game with their new friends when starting school.”- CSBB Teacher.

Tip 2. Practice lunch in the lunchbox. 

Prepare a few lunches in the lunchbox that you intend to send to school can be a great idea to check how your child navigates opening and closing the different compartments. It builds confidence and allows them to enjoy their lunchtimes more easily.

“I have always done some lunchtimes at home with their new lunch boxes to make sure they don’t have trouble opening and closing it.”- Sarah, primary-aged school mum.

“Also, label lids and containers (both), and let your child know which is for what so they don’t get confused and begin aligning home snacking times with the school schedule.” Lulu, primary-aged school mum

Tip 3. Label Everything 

Have your child’s uniform, books, stationery, lunchbox, refillable water bottle, and school sunhat all labelled with your child’s name. A good one to remember is also to label shoes.

“Help your child identify their bag with a small keychain; it helps your child know which bag is theirs.” Lulu, Primary aged school mum.

Tip 4. Always pack a sunhat and teach your child about being sun smart

Schools are sun smart and will only allow students to play outside with a sunhat. Sunscreen should be applied before students attend school.  

Many schools have replaced water bubblers with drinking water taps suitable to refill drink bottles.

“My advice would be to have fun!”- CSBB Teacher

“I say to my parents, play a board game, or any game, and let them lose. It is a good way to practice navigating loss and how to keep trying.”- CSBB Teacher

Tip 5. Take your photos prior to the Kindergarten start day

To be more present on the first day of Kindergarten it could be a great idea to dress your child in their uniforms before the start of back to school. Take photos in a more relaxed environment instead of the first day of Kindergarten. This means you can focus on your child’s emotional needs on the day rather than the distraction of taking a series of photos.

“Every year I think I have time for back-to-school photos the morning of the first day and every time the morning is such a rush that the photo time is too stressful to capture and do a good job. I end up taking the photo a week or 2 into the term when everyone is much more relaxed.” Julie, primary-aged school mum.

Tip 6. Have a plan for pick-up

Talk to your child about what happens at school pick-up. On the day give yourself plenty of time to get to school and be early so that you are in the agreed place at pick up time.

“Tell your child what to do if mum or dad don’t come when the bell goes; one year this really saved me because my child knew to go to the office and wait, and she was a new kindergarten student.”- Nic, primary aged school mum

Tip 7. After school conversations 

Avoid asking your children “Did you make a friend today?” for the entire first term. Making friends takes time and asking them all the time can make them feel pressured to have done so. Try asking “How did you help someone today?” This will encourage meaningful connections. 

Starting kindergarten is a special moment for every student. Many of our schools host a ‘tears and tissues,’ an event to embrace all our new parents and carers and a chance to meet each other and share the experience. We welcome all our new families and our new kindergarten students… our teachers are ready for you! 


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