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Learning Outside Classroom Walls

September 5, 2016

Kirsty Thorpe, the Education Officer in Science and Technology at the Catholic Schools Office, said that she and fellow Education Officers John Hession and Dave Ella were passionate about helping the students learn more about the relationships between people and their local environment.

Kirsty was a teacher at St Kieran’s Catholic School in Manly Vale for eight years before beginning her role as an Education Officer, and said that the role has been an exciting challenge.

“As an Education Officer, it has been a great privilege to help teachers realise their own passion for Science and Technology and pass this onto their students,” she said.

The Stage Three students explored the bush at Manly Dam and looked at the effect humans have on the natural world.

Zara, one of the students, said that the experience had deepened her understanding of indigenous culture. “I was able to witness and familiarise myself with the land as I attempted to make connections between my prior knowledge of the indigenous culture and my own understanding of the land, animals and natural surroundings,” she said.

“I learnt the importance of the sacred sites and the phenomenal impact that today’s recreational activities have on our bush environment.”

The students tested for pollution levels in the dam and looked at the effect humans have on the natural world.