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Learning Through Play

September 5, 2019

Before they turn five, every child goes through a stage of rapid brain and skill development. In the early years, a child’s main way of learning and developing is through play. While children play for fun, it also lets them explore, observe, experiment, solve problems, collaborate and learn from their mistakes.

Learning Together Playgroups is a new initiative which combines children’s love of play with their need to learn. Held at Catholic Primary Schools across the North Shore this initiative offers children under five a wide range of early learning activities.

These playgroups are different to others because they have been developed by educational specialists, and are run by the Kindergarten teacher from each Catholic Primary School.

The focus of each playgroup is on helping children learn about the world, make friends and develop the skills needed for ‘big’ school. They also give children and parents a chance to get familiar with the primary school setting.

“My daughter particularly enjoyed the outdoor play in the infant’s playground and having some Year 6 students interact with them,” said Vanessa, a mum who attended the Learning Together Playgroup at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School at Waitara.

The creators of the Playgroups also recommend them for parents who are uncertain as to whether their child is ready for school next year. Children who are eligible to start Kindergarten, no matter the school, in 2020 are supported at the Playgroup to develop important skills needed for the transition to school.

For more information and for dates and times of the next Learning Together Playgroup, contact your local Catholic Primary School.