Students are at the centre of learning

Every student’s learning matters at Catholic Schools Broken Bay and our team of leaders bring expertise in Learner Diversity, Student Wellbeing, High Potential and Gifted Education, English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) and Aboriginal Education support school leadership teams to embed best practices in schools to ensure positive learning outcomes for all students.  

We have high expectations for learning growth for every student. To achieve this growth and development, we provide reasonable adjustments and differentiate teaching programs for specific learning needs and students with disabilities to ensure access to learning and academic success.  






Our primary schools prioritise knowing each student individually and ensuring that each child is reaching their full learning potential.   

By continuously refining our teaching methods through a reflective practice from teachers to school leaders, we ensure a culture of continuous improvement, delivering the highest quality education to our students. 


Our secondary schools are dedicated to ensuring the academic growth and achievement of each and every student. To support this, we have introduced several initiatives that promote high-quality teaching and enable our students to excel. 

Our Secondary Curriculum Reform process supports teachers and school leaders in implementing effective and sustainable changes, with a current focus on 7-10 English and Mathematics.  

Our Secondary Literacy Program, in partnership with Dr. Trish Weekes, provides ongoing subject-specific literacy professional learning to teachers, with Expertise in Teaching Groups to support embedding Literacy in Subject Areas. 

The HSC Towards Excellence program provides teachers with professional learning opportunities and encourages data-driven improvements in targeted areas, with a current focus on Studies of Religion, English, and Mathematics. 

Pathways and Partnerships 

Pathways & Partnerships encourages students to embrace their interests and passions while assisting them to understand and develop the essential ‘in demand’ work-ready skills required for jobs of the future.  

By connecting classroom learning to the real world, Pathways & Partnerships, students will have access to unique careers and pathway experiences that connect school to the world of work. Our program is designed to integrate industry opportunities and experiences into the curriculum, giving students a deep understanding of the future skills they need to succeed. 

Our expert leaders provide students with practical opportunities to gain real-world experience and exposure to current information, allowing them to make informed decisions about their future careers. 

Parents are also provided with the knowledge and tools they need to support their children in their transition beyond school. With Pathways & Partnerships, every student has the chance to develop essential work-ready skills that will make them more resilient and work-ready in the future. 

Cross Campus Centre

Cross Campus Courses offer students a world of possibilities, providing a range of subjects to choose from. Being enrolled in any Broken Bay Catholic School opens up access to all Broken Bay Cross Campus Courses without any additional educational charges. 

The courses are delivered via an innovative blended model, which means that students can take advantage of the online components and work at their own pace, review work at any time and choose when to complete work. In face-to-face lessons, students can directly interact with their teachers and peers from across the diocese, providing them with a well-rounded learning experience. 

Pathways & Partnerships – VET/ RTO 

Catholic Schools Broken Bay’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO 90488) is where students have a chance to gain valuable skills and qualifications by completing nationally recognised Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) courses in Vocational Education and Training (VET) whilst at school in Stages 5 and 6.  

Students can also participate in School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBATs) during Years 10-12. These opportunities combine paid work, training, and school, allowing students to gain industry-recognised national qualifications while still studying for the HSC.