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Little Engineers

February 9, 2017


Students at Maria Regina Catholic School in Avalon, St Rose Catholic School in Collaroy Plateau, St Kieran’s Catholic School in Manly Vale and St Martin’s Catholic School in Davidson participated in an exciting Inventions Day.

Bob Moran, a professional scientist and engineer from the CSIRO, volunteered to work with students from Kindergarten to Year 6 who experimented with inventions from the past. He spoke to the children about how innovation occurs and the possible innovations they could create in the future. The day fostered creative, critical and divergent thinking in the children through hands-on investigations.

Year 6 student Alexander Wilson from St Kieran’s Catholic School said, “The benefit of the day was being taught firsthand by Bob and finding out from him what each invention was and how it operated.”

Ethan Lynch, also in Year 6 at St Kieran’s, said, “I loved all the cool inventions that there were. It was fascinating to learn that new things are only improvements of past inventions.”

The Diocese of Broken Bay primary schools eagerly look forward to the upcoming opportunities their new partnership with Bob and the CSIRO, which came about through the CSIRO program SMiS (Scientist and Mathematicians in Schools).