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Measurement and Geometry

November 24, 2014

Following a workshop earlier this year with lead teachers of Mathematics on Patterns and Algebra, Dr Ann Downton (Australian Catholic University, Melbourne) returned by ‘popular demand’ in October to address the important issues and common misconceptions related to the Measurement and Geometry strand of the NSW Mathematics syllabus.

The day’s program included presenter input, professional readings, videos, workshops and discussion groups tailored to meet the needs of classroom teachers and leaders of mathematics.

Teacher feedback confirmed deep professional learning…

‘I was given the opportunity to develop my mathematical content knowledge in the area of measurement and geometry.’

‘I learnt the importance of big ideas and how to link the syllabus and research in a practical, meaningful way for children.’

‘I learnt the importance of visualising in the strand of geometry and measurement.’

‘I learnt the importance of quality investigative tasks that develop student skills when working mathematically.’

‘Today I gained a much deeper understanding of the measurement strand and the continuum that forms the K-6 syllabus.’

Dr Downton also modelled a Measurement and Geometry lesson in one of our schools, co-planning, co-teaching and co-debriefing with a group of school-based Mathematics leaders and specialists. She demonstrated the need for deep mathematical content knowledge in order to probe and challenge children’s thinking and reasoning, and to develop their capacity as learners of mathematics.