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Minecraft PE and Religious Education

June 17, 2015

Students in Stage 3 at St Patrick’s Catholic School in Asquith are engaged in and enjoying the challenge of learning more about the development of the Early Catholic Church in Australia supported by a range of contemporary learning technologies.

As part of the Religious Education program, students are challenged to investigate the arrival of Christianity and the Gospel in Australia, the relationship between the Catholic Church and the first Australians, and the role of the Religious Orders in early Australia.  In doing so, students, as part of the investigative process, learn how to locate and triangulate appropriate and reliable sources of data.

As each part of the challenge is completed, students receive access to additional MineCraft PE resources with which to complete their model of an early Australian Church. MineCraft PE is one of many apps that students may choose to represent and share their Religious Education learning.  This has realised high levels of student engagement and interest within an important and significant learning context.