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One to One Student device initiative

March 13, 2014

During 2013 ICLT Services partnered with St Joseph’s College, East Gosford to look at supporting them with the rollout of their one to one tablet device program for year 7 students. 

Based on the outcome of the pilot program, St Joseph’s College decided to continue with this initiative and therefore introduced the tablet devices to a further year group in 2014. 

One of the initiatives that St Joseph’s College, East Gosford feels the one to one student tablet program has enabled them to do is fully support their “Connected Learning” program. This program focuses on project based learning and its purpose is to improve students’ creative and critical thinking. By each student having a tablet device it provides them with immediate access to a whole range of resources outside of the four library walls.  It also enables the classroom teacher to have more flexibility as to how the students work in groups, research and communicate with each other. At an organisation level it enables students to have more flexible learning spaces where by they can easily come together to work on group tasks.  All in all the devices have become part of their day to day toolsets, that they now just rely on at school. 

Outside of the ‘Connected Learning” program the introduction of the one to one tablet device has enabled the school to provide the students with online text books.  This change has been significant for both staff and students and has helped students further develop their level of independent thinking and problem solving.

ICLT are pleased to be working on similar initiatives with other secondary schools that are either introducing one to one student devices with year groups in 2014 and or looking to commence in 2015