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Parent Engagement Day

August 15, 2017

Holy Cross Catholic School at Kincumber ran their second Indigenous Parent Engagement Day…

Dave Ella, Educational Officer and members of the Aboriginal Engagement Team met indigenous parents and carers from across the Central Coast to take part in a program designed to support parents with literacy and numeracy in the home.

Holy Cross student leaders began the day with an acknowledgement of country, and then The Glen dance troupe put on a spectacular performance, with Holy Cross students joining in the dance. Parents were welcomed by Dr Mark Askew, Head of Educational Services at the Catholic Schools Office, who acknowledged the importance of parents in fostering learning outcomes.

The day started with a number of workshops to teach parents strategies to engage their children in literacy and numeracy. These included hands-on activities using items that could be found around the home.

Mr Ella congratulated the Aboriginal Education Workers on the progressive and innovative work they are doing with students and families across the Diocese.  At the end of the day, students from Holy Cross performed a traditional dance, while students from St Joseph’s Catholic College at East Gosford made lunch for the guests.

Mr Peter Hamill, Director of Schools in the Diocese, closed the day by thanking the team for their work and praised parents’ strong commitment to their children’s education.