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Parent Prayer Strengthens OLPS School Community

October 1, 2013

The idea of strengthening the parent community through prayer was one put forth by Val Delany, former principal of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic School (OLPS), West Pymble back in 2004.

After reflecting on the school’s vision statement that “we will be recognised as a family- like, Catholic faith community……………” Val could see the potential of this being developed and nourished through the opportunity of parents coming together to reflect and pray.

Friday mornings from 9:00-9:15 were the days chosen for Parent Prayer and were led by the OLPS Leadership team. From the onset, the response was incredible with many participants. It became a venue for sharing through laughter and tears, honesty, security and support.

A few years on, it was suggested that the parent participants would like to become more involved in the preparation of Parent Prayer, taking responsibility of preparing the sessions.

Current OLPS Principal, Sue Host says that over the years the numbers at times have “ebbed and flowed”   but there has never been a suggestion to stop with the school adamant that if only one person attends, there is still a need to provide this special opportunity.

“Our vision has been enhanced through the coming together to pray and that there is a real sense of ‘connectedness’ by the participants who say that they love beginning their Fridays with Parent Prayer where it has given them a moment to be still and find the presence of God through both scripture and community.”