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Parents Partnering in Learning

April 1, 2013

Parents of Catholic Primary School students are being invited to become “Partners in Learning” with their children, with the trial of a new series of Online Modules giving practical ideas to assist with supporting their child’s school life.

Special Projects Officer- Online Learning, Carmel Davis, says the “Partners in Learning” trial is an initiative of the Broken Bay Parent Council, in conjunction with the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Broken Bay.

“The modules have been designed to provide parents with short, clear and focused information and activities that give insights into the current curriculum,” she says. “They give a mix of theory and practical ideas to supporting children’s school life.”

Dr Davis says each module only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and they are engagingly presented with audio, video, and web links as well as information, questions and reflections.

“It’s not about replacing the teacher,” she says. “Rather, it’s about giving parents ideas of ways they can support their children’s learning in various curriculum areas.”

The trial will include a ‘Maths in the Home’ module, and a Personal Development module aimed at giving parents information on the emotional and social changes that their Years 5 and 6 children are experiencing.