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St Martin’s Students Going Green

September 3, 2018

Children at St Martin’s Catholic School Davidson went green this year with several eco projects funded by a NSW Government Eco Schools Grant. 

Mr Christopher Biefeld, the Assistant Principal at St Martin’s, secured a grant of $3500 to work with community organisations, parents and students on developing a sustainability program.

“Students will design gardens to grow food, plant more native plants to beautify the school, start a worm farm, reduce our waste and recycle more,” said Mr Biefeld. 

As part of the program, all students will also have the chance to visit the Kimbriki Eco-house and gardens in Terrey Hills.

The St Martin’s Environment Ministry Team are also proud to announce that they have reduced waste school-wide, and are helping to raise awareness of caring for the environment at the school. 

Rylie in Year 6 said she has helped to reduce the waste after participating in “Waste Free Wednesday” every week last year.

“I got a lunch box with sections so I could put food in it without using rubbish,” she explained. “It then got me into the routine of having no waste and I am now totally waste free every day.”

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