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Students Create a Parish Story Board

June 5, 2014

In 2013 the graduating students from Holy Cross Catholic School in Kincumber , on request from our parish office, created a unique story board for the entry to the parish office.

Kelvin Maxwell and Brian McCallum, the Year Six teachers, met with parishioners Owen Casey and Lisa Ryan and other members of the school staff to create a vision for a story board which would recount significant people and events throughout the history of our parish.

At the end of 2013 the Year 6 students and teachers chose photos to create a timeline for Holy Cross Parish.  Images that record the history of the parish include St Mary of the Cross MacKillop who, together with the Sisters of Saint Joseph, was a valuable contributor to our parish in its early years at South Kincumber.  There are also photographs of Holy Cross Church at South Kincumber and the construction of Holy Spirit Church Kincumber which was completed in 2009.

The important relationship between Holy Cross Catholic School and Holy Cross Catholic Parish is shown through the school crest and the opening line of the school prayer taking prominence across the display.  Photographs include Fr Bill Aliprandi, the Holy Cross Parish Priest who purchased land and built the school, as well as Sister Maureen McDermott R.S.J. who was the foundation principal of Holy Cross Catholic School. Debra Tildesley, the school librarian, shared her artistic talent by painting a wonderful background to show the bush setting in which the school is situated.

The completed timeline was recently mounted on the desk in the foyer of the Parish Office.