Teacher Expertise


Quality Education

Our commitment to academic growth and achievement is reflected in our systematic delivery of a high-quality curriculum, delivered by passionate, experienced educators. Catholic Schools Broken Bay offers a quality education that is holistic and focused on the development of the whole child – spiritually, academically, physically and socially.  

Our teachers are committed to ongoing professional learning and implement innovative and effective teaching practices that provide our students with the best possible learning outcomes.



Primary Schooling 

 Our primary schools prioritise knowing each student individually and ensuring that each child is reaching their full learning potential.  

We are proud to have Expertise in Teaching groups that are specifically focused on English and Mathematics to stay at the forefront of education and provide our students with the best possible learning outcomes and experiences.  

Our Expertise in Teaching groups foster a dynamic environment of collaboration and shared knowledge, resulting in enhanced teaching practices and invaluable guidance on best practices.  

By continuously refining our teaching methods through a reflective practice from teachers to school leaders, we ensure a culture of continuous improvement, delivering the highest quality education to our students. 

Secondary Schooling 

Our secondary schools are dedicated to ensuring the academic growth and achievement of each and every student. To support this, we have introduced several initiatives that promote high-quality teaching and enable our students to excel.  

Our Secondary Curriculum Reform process supports teachers and school leaders in implementing effective and sustainable changes, with a current focus on 7-10 English and Mathematics.  

Our Secondary Literacy Program, in partnership with Dr. Trish Weekes, provides ongoing subject-specific literacy professional learning to teachers, with Expertise in Teaching Groups to support embedding Literacy in Subject Areas. 

The HSC Towards Excellence program provides teachers with professional learning opportunities and encourages data-driven improvements in targeted areas, with a current focus on Studies of Religion, English, and Mathematics. 

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