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The Gift of a Catholic Education

April 1, 2014

My Name is Anna Betke together with Robert Betke we have two children at St Philip Neri Catholic School.  

Our parents gave us life, they taught us how to eat, sleep, think, act and love, they taught us how to live a just life, one in which we are true to ourselves and those around us.  Our parents also gave us an incredible resource for life – a Catholic education. With this education came a deep seated ability to find God in people by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our parents and our schools bestowed on us a sense of divine connection with humanity as a human being. We would like our children to experience the same wonder, that they are citizens of the world and in so appreciate its many cultures. 

We believe that education begins with the soul, just as you cannot learn to swim without getting wet, you cannot learn to live without being immersed in God’s love. Just believing in a god is a distortion of the truth, any belief system is a mere fabrication, the truth lies within the human touch of peace we share with each other.  An education for life is one in which God must be felt, God must be experienced, and God must be witnessed as the humanity in each individual through the teachings of Jesus Christ. St Philip Neri Catholic School is supporting us in the education of our children not only in academics but also in life values, for which we are very grateful.