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The Leader in Me

August 1, 2016

The program is modelled on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, including responsibility, vision, and integrity, to help develop the students’ life skills in a proactive way.

Principal Lou Dogao said the program brought together the ethos of the school with a language which everyone could understand.

“We had all these great things happening in the school that were in these little pockets,” he said. “This is bringing it all together.”

Mr Dogao said that the whole community could be involved. “The other thing that really attracted us is that we can take it on as a community approach.”

Mr Dogao said that he was inspired to look into the program at Holy Family after visiting a Catholic school in Wollongong, which has been part of the program for seven years.

“There are kids in kindergarten talking about being proactive,” he said. “They’re using the language and modelling it.”

Staff began to implement the program by participating in a two-day course to take on the seven habits themselves. Then, colourful posters listing the habits have been put up in the school and students have been encouraged to identify the habits in their own behaviour.