Safeguarding Children & Young People in Catholic Schools Broken Bay

Catholic Schools Broken Bay is committed to the care, wellbeing and protection of children and young people. The role of Safeguarding is to ensure children and young people are provided with the fundamental right to be kept safe and respected whilst engaging with their school community.

To learn more about Safeguarding in the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay visit the Diocesan Safeguarding webpage –

Safeguarding Message from Bishop Anthony

Catholic Schools Broken Bay Commitment to Safeguarding

These documents outline the Diocesan leadership and governance practices associated with embedding a culture of safety and care across the communities of Broken Bay

Legislation to Protect Children

The Reportable Conduct Scheme

Under the Children’s Guardian Act 2019 the Scheme covers anyone who has a Working With Children Check to fulfil their role (employee and volunteer). The Scheme is in place to monitor the behaviour of those that work with children.

The Scheme monitors how organisations investigate and report on certain conduct (known as ‘reportable allegations’ and ‘reportable convictions’) made against their employees, volunteers or certain contractors who provide services to children. The Scheme is administered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian. For more information click here.

If you have concerns about alleged inappropriate behaviour by a staff member towards any child or young person, it is important that you discuss your concerns with the Principal who in turn will consult with the CSBB’s Safeguarding Office.

Mandatory Reporting – Risk of Significant Harm

All school staff are mandatory reporters under the Children & Young Persons (Care & Protection) Act 1998.  This means that if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is at risk of significant harm from abuse or neglect, then a report must be made to the Department of Communities & Justice Child Protection Helpline (CP Helpline).

School staff are expected to inform the Principal if they are concerned that a child may be at risk.  It is the role of the Principal (or delegate) to make the report to the CP Helpline.

In making a report, the Principal will consider all of the information and seek appropriate advice from the CSBB’s Safeguarding Office.  Any information about a child at risk is kept confidentially by the Principal.

In situations where a child is considered to be at risk the school will work with the child/young person and family to assist them as much as possible. We recognise that a statutory response is not always required and where a family may need extra support, we will assist in making referrals to support the family if needed.

If you have concerns about a child who you consider may be at risk, please discuss your concerns with the Principal as soon as possible and maintain confidentiality.

Working With Children Check

Anyone applying for teaching or school support staff positions will be required to apply for a Working with Children Check in accordance with the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 and obtain clearance before being eligible to work in a Broken Bay Catholic Systemic School. An approved employee or volunteer will email their WWCC Number, Full Name and Date of Birth to for verification.

The purpose of the check is to exclude people from working with children who are not suitable.  A person who has been convicted or found guilty of a listed serious offence against children (whether in NSW or elsewhere) is prohibited from working in a child-related role.

Volunteers and contractors who are exempt from requiring a Working with Children Check will be required to complete a Declaration and Undertakings regarding Safe School Exs.

Child Safe Organisation (National Catholic Safeguarding Standards and NSW Child Safe Standards)

The Royal Commission recommended 10 child safe standards, drawing on findings and extensive research and consultation about what makes institutions child safe. These standards have been adopted at a National level as the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. The Australian Catholic Church has articulated a framework which provides the 10 National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (NCSS). The NSW Government has endorsed the child safe standards released under the Child Safe Scheme. The Office of the Children Guardian has oversight of the NSW Child Safe Standards.

The Standards collectively assist to provide a regulatory framework which will be audited against and assist in reducing risk and continual improvement. For more information click here.

Redress & Support

The Diocese of Broken Bay recognises and apologises for the failings of the Catholic Church in the past. The Diocese wishes to ensure survivors are welcomed to engage with our Diocese and tell their story, and that our response will provide the survivor with a sense of safe engagement and will take all concerns seriously.

If anyone has been abused by a member of Clergy or Workers from the Diocese of Broken Bay we encourage them to bring their complaint forward and to consider the following pathways for redress.

Key Contacts

Safeguarding Office (CSBB) – The Safeguarding team exist within Catholic Schools Broken Bay to assist Teachers, School Staff, CSBB Staff, Parents & Students to create a safe and supportive environment within their schools for children and young people to learn and grow.

General Safeguarding Line: (02) 7256 2211


Melinda Rixon – Manager for Safeguarding (02) 7256 0207

Sandra Bartlett – Safeguarding Officer (02) 7256 0240

Natalia O’Keefe – Safeguarding Officer (02) 7256 0218

Bethany Laurence – Safeguarding Project Officer (02) 7256 0273