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The Show and Tell to beat them all!…State of Origin trophy

August 1, 2014

Following up from his initial promise to his son Will and his fellow students of St Philip Neri Catholic School, Northbridge, Laurie Daley recently returned with the State of Origin trophy for another show and tell.

Much to the surprise of the teachers and students Laurie was also accompanied by Matt Carmichael, sports reporter and the Channel 7 news team for a segment that went to air on the news that night.

Laurie shared with the students that “the State of Origin team members and himself get energy from the children’s enthusiasm, support and excitement” and further told his enthralled audience that “if you persevere, are committed, work hard then you can achieve and make your dreams come true.“

Notwithstanding it was a bitterly cold day and celebrations needed to be held in the hall Sue Bevan, School Principal, noted “we provided a cheer squad and fireworks, a couple of sparklers – a great time was had by all”.