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Time to Change

September 20, 2016

Jill grew up in Brisbane and started at Channel Nine in their programming department in 1992 before working her way up to being a Promotions Producer.

The move to give up a high-flying career in television might seem unusual, but Jill says her calling to teach actually came first.

“It was always my dream,” she says. “When I was at school I did work experience and I thought about getting into teaching, but I started at Nine and then that got in the way.”

She started at Prouille in 2014 and was very excited to begin her new career.

Jill says that teaching is “an extraordinary responsibility, but it’s very rewarding.” She relishes the chance to equip children with skills and knowledge to navigate the world. “We did a Maths assessment yesterday and I thought, ‘I really am teaching them fundamental things which they need for life.’”

Jill says she has never been happier. “I’m doing what I always felt I was meant to do.”