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Together for Humanity

October 25, 2016

Bernard Cumming, Principal of St Patrick’s welcomed Rayghaan from the Islam faith, Rabbi Zalman from the Jewish faith and Rafael who is an Anglican. The three speakers all from overseas but now calling Australia home talked about their background and the major beliefs associated with their different religions. Mr Cumming commented “now more than ever, we need an understanding of different faiths. Whilst we have some differences, we have a great deal in common – we want the world to be a safe place, we want the best for our children and families, and we want everyone to live in harmony.”

One student said “I learnt about people from different religions such as Muslim, Jewish and Anglican, how some people were excluded because of their skin colour, clothes, accent and how that shouldn’t happen” 

With another child commenting, “I learnt that it doesn’t matter what you believe in or who you are, we are all Australians.”