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TV stars STEM from Channel 9

November 8, 2018

These adorable marsupials’ numbers are decreasing and the St Rose students were grouped with Mater Maria Catholic Secondary College mentors.  Students were given the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenge to formulate a conservation that would either raise community awareness, help their habitats or protect them from predators. They even caught the eye of the Channel 9 and were recently featured on the Today Show with five live cross overs for the weather updates by Steve Jacobs.

“The students are so engaged and enthusiastic about learning. Students took on board the challenge and produced ideas that followed the design and make process to build sustainable conservation solutions. They have taken their learning further than the classroom and engaged all their families which is great to see” Olivia Preston, Teacher Year 3.

“The best part of Project Feathertail Glider is learning about these animals and finding ways to help them.” Imogen (Year 3)

“When I first found out about this project I was so excited to be able to help the very cute Feathertail Glider. I went straight home and decided to make my own website to try and create community awareness for these amazing creatures.” Samara (Year 4)

“I have really enjoyed learning about the Feathertail Glider with my group. It has been lots of fun working with the Mentors from Mater Maria and they have been very helpful and encouraging us to make a difference.” – Giuseppe (Year 3)

“It has been really interesting and fun to be a part of Project Feathertail Glider. I have really enjoyed it and I have learnt so much about native Australian Animals.” – Fletcher (Year 4)

“It is extremely rewarding to see all of the hard work and effort that the children have gone to for this project to be recognised by the wider community. It makes the learning more meaningful for the students and shows them that they really can make a difference.” Jessica Macri  Teacher Year 4.