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Welcome Back from Director of Schools 2023 Message

January 30, 2023

A message by Director of Schools, Danny Casey. Welcoming back our community of staff, students, parents and carers and highlighting the important initiatives for 2023.

Back to School 2023 Director of Schools Danny Casey Message from Catholic Schools Broken Bay on Vimeo.

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Welcome back to 2023.

I do hope you had a wonderful time over Christmas and New Year with family and friends and the opportunity to recharge the batteries after a very busy 2022.

2023 is another exciting year for all of us in Catholic Schools Broken Bay. I want to welcome all our new staff members who’ve joined our team and are ready to serve our students and families in 2023 and beyond. Our focus in 2023 will remain on faith in Catholic identity, remain on learning Improvement and remain on supporting the wellbeing of all.

In faith formation, new resources will be expanded with the RE curriculum. We’ve also got the very exciting World Youth Day in August this year, which will be attended by many of our students and quite a number of our young teachers. In learning Improvement, we will be releasing the new Curriculum Planning and Assessment Guide app to support all of our teachers.

In addition, we’ll have collaborative planning time available for all our teachers throughout 2023 and beyond. 170,000 hours of planning to improve the learning outcomes for our staff.

Will also complete the appointment of Parent Engagement Coordinators in every one of our schools. This is an important initiative that will help encourage parents to be more actively engaged in their child’s learning more actively engaged in school and Parish life.

All about enhancing learning outcomes for the students that we serve.

And of course, in wellbeing, we’ll continue doing encourage all to look after themselves. We’ll continue with our commitments through our multi-tiered wellbeing program.

It certainly is an exciting year ahead. So welcome back for 2023 to my colleagues on staff. Thank you for your willingness to serve with us in Catholic Schools Broken Bay. It’s such important work that we do whether we are directly in a classroom or supporting those who are.

To our parents and carers- thank you for the trust you’ve shown in Catholic Schools Broken Bay as we partner together in the education of your children.

We are looking forward to a very special 2023 and I look forward to catching up with all of you soon.

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