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Welcome Paul Lynch, Acting Secondary Principal MacKillop Catholic College.

January 29, 2024

Paul has a breadth of experience in all three educational sectors undertaking a variety of roles in each.  He started his career in education within the independent system at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College where he held leadership positions including Director of Secondary School, Acting Deputy Principal, with periods as Acting Principal, Head of Secondary School, Dean of Students, and Coordinator of PDHPE and Sport (K-12).  He joined St Brigid’s Catholic College in 2016 as a Leader of Pedagogy before moving into a Leader of House role and then Director of College Administration before becoming Assistant Principal.

What inspired your path into education?

 When I left school there was a period of time where I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  Growing up in Cessnock, most of my mates headed off into trades in coal mining. My Dad was a coal miner, but he encouraged me to further my studies and use my own education to make a difference. I completed an OH&S degree and worked initially in the Environmental Science field before deciding to go back to university and get my teaching degree. I wanted a job where I could make a genuine difference in the lives of others and teaching provided that opportunity.  Starting as a PDHPE teacher and making my way through a wide range of school-based positions, I can sincerely say that choosing to be a teacher has been everything I expected and more. I am still very passionate about education and the positive role teachers can play in shaping the young lives of those they are responsible for.

How do you engage parents/carers, students and staff?

I believe strongly in authentic leadership where you lead by your actions. Having spent many years in schools, I’m aware that parents/carers, students and staff can identify school leaders who aren’t genuine very early on. I am committed to the MacKillop community and lead through listening to the needs of all parents/carers, students and staff. Our collective voice will shape the educational outcomes for all students.

How does your faith impact your leadership style?

Living out Catholic education combines our collective faith, culture and life in every interaction within the school community. I believe the most effective way to preserve and grow the value of a strong Catholic community is to display this in my own actions. I see Catholic education as a place that provides a wide variety of opportunities for students, and students should feel they belong in a community with shared values and a heart for social justice and global issues.  We have an inherent obligation to model the gospel values and keep them present in our school communities. Students and staff in a Catholic school have a unique opportunity to witness, pray and help each other to reach their full potential.  

If we asked your closest friends, how would they describe you as a person?

They would say that I’m a friendly bloke who is loyal and a person who you can rely on. I was raised to have a strong work ethic and I think most people that know me well would agree that I work hard at what I do for the benefit of those around me.  

What do you hope to achieve as Principal at your school?

I will build on the strong foundation that’s been laid at MacKillop; to be a place where staff enjoy working, a place where they are supported, heard and fulfilled in their roles. For the wider community to recognise MacKillop as the school of choice, that delivers high-quality teaching and learning, exceptional pastoral care and a strong co-curricular program. I want to ensure we meet our students, staff and community where they are on their faith journey and provide opportunities for them to engage with their faith. Mackillop graduates are students who are proud of their school, eager to represent the College and ultimately honoured to be known as a MacKillop graduate. For the K-12 experience to be seamlessly connected where students can undertake their education with clear continuity between the stages. I hope to expand on the current model to see MacKillop become a place from Baptism to graduation and maintain strong links with our alumni.

What will you hope to leave as your legacy in education leadership?

I would hope that people grow and evolve and improve on everything I leave behind, I would expect them to do that. I hope to be known as a leader who was in it for all the right reasons.  I hope that I can help build a really strong, united team of people (staff, students, parents/carers) who are driven in pursuit of a common goal to make MacKillop Catholic College all that it can be. I appreciate that I’m a very small piece of the puzzle but I know that together we can achieve amazing things.