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Whale of a time at Jonah musical

February 15, 2017


The show was performed at the Concourse in Chatswood and ran for two nights. Two Year 6 actors, Cecilia Sullivan and Brianna Hamlyn, shared the lead role of Jonah on alternating nights.

After her Opening Night performance, Cecilia said, “It was very nerve-wracking but once you go on stage you feel really excited about starting the show.”

Stage 3 children designed the props as part of their challenge-based learning program for the term, including an incredible whale made of wood and canvas, with a mouth operated by a pulley system.

“They [Stage 3 children] were a critical part in the musical’s success,” said Mrs Jenny McKeown, the Principal.  “It would be a lifetime experience for them to be part of such a big production.”

Each younger grade also performed a dance routine to Spanish Holiday (Year 2), Lord Rescue Me (Year 1) and Belly of a Whale (Kindergarten).

The show’s music director Mrs Paoley Li said that they had selected the Jonah story because of its Biblical origins.

“It was a wonderful event,” said Mrs McKeown.